Corporate Philosophy

Helping Our Communities Reach Further

We believe that vibrant and strong communities are the cornerstones of economic growth.

Our community development strategy has always been to enable low- and moderate-income individuals and the communities in which they live to grow into sustainable, desirable, more culturally integrated and more comfortably managed lifestyles and environments.

"Enabling" is a very purposeful and specifically defined objective at East West Bank. It means that we seek first and foremost to help people and communities in need to help themselves. We believe steadfastly that this approach, far more than monetary giving alone, will help create positive, desirable and sustainable change.

A contrasting example would be the practice of creating seemingly "interest favorable" mortgage loans for low- and moderate-income individuals. We believe such products create an illusion of support for those in need. More often than not, this illusion may potentially put the well-intentioned low- or moderate-income candidate in even greater longer-term peril and thus is not the support path East West Bank pursues. Fairness, ethics and helping to create truly sustainable results are at the heart of our Community Reinvestment program. This approach is very natural to our bank, as it evolved from our founding philosophy of providing uniquely tailored products and services to help Asian immigrants make a sustainable integration into desirable American lifestyles.

Today, our Community Reinvestment plan is to support, educate, and illuminate paths for low- and moderate-income people and communities that will create real and sustained progress. Some of these paths may require harder work, greater commitment and a longer period of time to fruition, but we believe the results are far more meaningful and sustainable than monetary giving alone.

Therefore, we seek and utilize investments, loan products and community service activities that help people help themselves. We also provide communities, either directly or indirectly, the resources needed for sustained progress. These are the foundational elements of our “enabling” objective.